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Our research never stops. We continuously explore and assess cutting-edge tools and methods, and share our findings. Partnering with national experts and institutions, we continuously mine for new insights and innovations to empower educators to make the ideal learning experience real for every student, everywhere.

COVID-19 Spring 2020 Listening Exercise Report

In Spring 2020, pandemic-driven closures rocked our nation's school systems, forcing district pivots to remote learning. Our research team jumped to understand how these drastic shifts affected Chicago educators and parents alike. This listening report details the challenges faced during that period, their reactions and some initial strategies implemented to serve our students from a distance.

Source: Distinctive Schools

Personalized Learning in Practice: An Evaluation of Breakthrough Schools in Chicago

As personalized learning gains momentum across the United States, the need for implementation research has never been stronger. For part of an answer to this, we're proud to share Personalized Learning in Practice: Evaluation of Breakthrough Schools in Chicago, a rigorous study of the LEAP approach to personalized learning. Conducted by the University of Wisconsin’s Wisconsin Evaluation Collaborative, the study explores the earliest outcomes of deep, full-school shifts toward personalized learning, as well as insights that the process reveals.
Personalized Learning in Practice: Evaluation of Breakthrough Schools in Chicago
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How Does Personalized Learning Impact Students?

We’re always striving to answer this question with more depth and evidence, but in a word: positively. Though personalized learning is still a new, evolving approach, both the outside research and our own studies say it makes students more confident, understood and appropriately challenged—which leads, of course, to better performance. And this isn’t exclusive to struggling learners, or learners who need to move faster: wherever they start, all students reach new heights with personalized learning.
The LEAP Learning Framework for
Personalized Learning 2017 Research Snapshot
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Personalized Learning Can Be a Financially Sustainable School Model

A new report finds that spending concerns shouldn’t prevent schools from moving toward personalized learning. After small upfront costs, whole-school personalized learning models can be financially sustainable.
Sustaining Innovation and Preparing for Scale: Financial Sustainability Research and Analysis of Personalized Learning School Models
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A National Landscape Scan of Personalized Learning in K-12 Education in the United States

Using the LEAP Personalized Learning Teacher and Student Surveys, iNACOL measured where we are as a country in our progress toward personalized learning.
A National Landscape Scan of Personalized Learning in K-12 Education in the United States
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